Get Custom Products From A Family Team

Making and selling custom stickers is our passion project

The idea for Dirt Road Soldier was born out of our love for Idaho. After moving from a blue state to a red state, the personal freedoms we have in Idaho became very apparent to us, therefore, Keep Idaho Red was born. We made a few stickers for fun and had no idea how high the demand would be - we discovered there were more folks like us, a LOT more, and we sold out in no time!

After seeing the demand for this type of product (as well as for custom T-shirts, hats and mugs), we decided to start our family business. Everything Dirt Road Soldier sells is made by hand at our dining room table. Unlike giant factories, we actually put care into our work.

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Why buy our stickers?

True beliefs are something you can't fake. When a particular cause is important to you, you'll likely want to share it with others. That's what Dirt Road Soldier is here for. We create custom products that you can use to:

  • Express your patriotism
  • Show the world what you believe in
  • Make a political statement

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